Look! New Pictures!

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I know, I know, I've been promising art and delivered nothing. In lieu of art, I bring you personal photos of my fun, friends, and adventures... You are SO welcome.

Visit my picasa albums and see for yourself all the fun I'm having.

The world is in chaos and my life is fruitless... now is the time for art, no?

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So, yeah, it's been a while.

Someone told me once that as artists we don't create when we're happy, because we're busy being happy. I suppose lately I have been busy being happy. I'm not unhappy now. But I'm not busy with the happy stuff, either. Just busy. With the busy stuff.

So, soon there will be art. Because I need it. I need to be alive again. I need to be human again. I need to create again. Sorry it's not about you. I mean I'd love for you to have it, feel it, let it make you a little more alive somehow. But I'm telling you it's coming because I need it.

New GoogleMaps Feature Blows My Mind

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... Like I'm picking up pieces of my brain off my desk as I type this.

Okay that's gross, but this is very cool. For us very visual direction takers, GoogleMaps has made it even easier for us to know where we're going with a visual play-by-play.

Maybe this is old news to some of you major gGeeks out there (Mike Morabito), but I just noticed it today while I was working. I was trying to figure out one of the locations that I ship to, and I pulled up a map from Brea to there, and saw all these little cameras on the directions. I clicked on one, and was amazed to find a little flash photo of the move with arrows showing how to make the move. You can even click on the arrows to see what happens next!


Probably even cooler if you have an iPhone.

Damn, those applemongers got me again!

Happy Mapping!


Help My Boyfriend Win the Competition!

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My amazing boyfriend, Mike Morabito, has an awesome opportunity to win a Search Engine Marketing competition, but he needs you help.

Go to his blog moreburritos.com, RIGHT NOW and read about it! Then go to his article and give him some feedback.

It's pretty brilliant-- you won't be disappointed.

Thanks, team!


AJ Shares His Ears With YOU

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Hey Folks!

My good friend AJ Harbison has started a new blog, called The Listening Blog, where he, an up-and-coming composer, shares his listenings with you, the humble-hopeful and musically-interested.

You should check it out, and leave feedback. Let AJ know how you like his listens and what you think he should listen to next!

Happy reading!